Cracker Barrel and Feezell Total Maintenance …

Did you know that Feezell Total Maintenance does a lot of work for the local Cracker Barrel here in Athens, TN? And this is just one of many of their numerous corporate clients. Feezell Total Maintenance is trusted in the Eastern part of Tennessee for many decades. Why? Because they do honest, thorough and skilled work and keep the clients informed through the process. Not to mention, it’s a family owned and operated company with 3 generations still working in the business.

In addition, they are committed absolutely to only bringing on personnel who can be trusted to do good work and uphold the company standard of client satisfaction. As well as being friendly, approachable and trustworthy.

Feezell Total Maintenance is skilled in commercial/residential plumbing, electrical and propane repair and they also fix generators.

In closing, let’s talk about another primary reason clients keep coming back to Feezell Total Maintenance; pricing! Why else do you think they stay covered up with business and so much of it repeat clients? Good pricing. So what are you waiting for, call Feezell Total Maintenance today and you won’t be disappointed. Phone: (423)745-9053